Ecology Gallery


An artificial badger sett.
A large bat hibernation box installed as part of a European Protected Species licence mitigation project.
Two female Great Crested Newts (Tritaurus Cristatus).
A brown long-eared bat (Plecotus Auritus).
Clearing Reedmace from a pond by hand.
Temporary amphibian exclusion fencing.
A bat hibernation chamber installed on tall posts as part of a substantial mitigation project at a development site in Merseyside.
Precise clearance work to remove only the encroaching Reedmace in a pond.
A bespoke bat tower built as part of the River Colne project. The first of it's kind and able to house hundreds of bats.
Temporary exclusion fencing to protect Great Crested Newts from entering a housing development.
Checking the guards around a specially planted bat corridor of native trees. Bat boxes on large diameter Larch trunks have also been installed.
Badger exclusion fencing and a one-way trap door.