Countryside Management Gallery

Countryside Management

Laying a hedge to create both a boundary and habitat for local wildlife.
Creation of 140 meters of meandering wetland habitat for Water Voles. Small dams were used to maintain a suitable depth of water throughout.
A protected island of Reedmace is ideal for nesting birds and the new open water will benefit all kinds of wildlife.
Removal of scrub on a nature reserve is aided by the use of a wood chipping machine.
The portable milling machine in action.
Creation of standing dead wood at the edge of a woodland.
Large scale Typha removal from what was a fully covered pond.
We saw an exceptional rate of germination at a newly sown wildflower meadow near Harrogate.
NPTC qualified in the use of chainsaws for tree felling.
Stem injection of Japanese Knotweed is the most effective way to kill this destructive and invasive vegetation.
Once the timber has been planked and removed, all we leave behind is sawdust.
The first stage of creating a large wildflower meadow; using the broadcast sprayer to kill tough perennials like Hogweed.
Digging out and lining a new pond.
A new stile that will improve public rights of way.
Cross-cutting newly felled trees to make them easier to remove from the work site.
A wooden boardwalk ditch crossing to improve a public footpath.
A newly created pond.
Using a tractor and a specially adapted quadbike to harrow and sow seeds to create a wildflower meadow.
The beautiful end result of wildflower meadow creation. Species include Oxeye Daisy, Corn Flower and Corn Cockle.
A series of platforms to cross a large area of wet ground within a Yorkshire Wildlife Trust nature reserve.
Sculpting the edges of a newly dug pond to make sloping banks suitable for Watervoles to inhabit.