Surveys and Mitigation

Surveys and Mitigation

We can undertake ecological surveys for the following protected species and habitats:

  • Great Crested Newts 
  • Bats 
  • Water Voles 
  • Otters 
  • Badgers 
  • Reptiles 
  • Phase 1 Habitat and NVC 
  • Hedgerows 

We hold the required Natural England and Natural Resources Wales survey licenses and are highly experienced in obtaining the development licenses to undertake mitigation projects when necessary.

We often combine our ecological consultancy services with our practical skills to provide the full package in terms of survey work and necessary mitigation measures. These mitigation measures may include Great Crested Newt or reptile fencing, installation of Bat boxes and bespoke buildings, Bat corridor creation and Badger sett creation or exclusion fencing.

We pride ourselves on our adaptability and pragmatic thinking to reach solutions that all parties are happy with.